Ca-Brella [Kah-Brel-Ah]: Short for “Cargo Umbrella”


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Shipping electronics to your kids at college or jewelry to a dear friend? Maybe you are moving but the carrier’s insurance rates are just too high? With Cabrella, individuals are a few clicks away from quoting and securing insurance for a single item at a fraction of the rate. Quote, Bind & Pay online via credit card in a matter of minutes.

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With E-Commerce growing exponentially, shipping costs can seriously increase overhead and diminish profit margins. Off-set this growing problem with reduced rates OR generation of a new income stream. Whether you ship 5 or 1,000 packages a day; high value, low value or fragile items; FedEx, USPS, UPS, Air Cargo, Ocean Cargo or LTL; Cabrella offers customized solutions for all businesses small and large. Our proprietary technology and integration solutions enable businesses to accomplish all of this with virtually no changes to your logistics process.

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Let’s work together

Cabrella functions in other ways too! Are you a retail insurance agency? A Managing General Agent? A professional industry association? A Software provider? In almost any case, our office will work with you and assist in product & sales training to guide and educate you on the benefits of third party shipping insurance for your customers. After all, it is rarity in our industry to approach a client with a way to save money that they had no idea existed. Best of all, after you sell it, our system will do the rest!


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