Logistics costs are a major portion of many businesses. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, especially those involved in online & e-commerce environments, often don’t realize that the business is taking huge hits to their bottom line via hidden and unnecessary costs. That is where we come in! Cabrella successfully reduces one of the most unnoticeable and obscure charges often hidden in the logistics department: shipping insurance.

Did you know that major carriers like FedEx & UPS often charge $0.70 cents for every one-hundred dollars of value and include minimums as high as $3.10 per package? For a company sending even 5 packages a day, this could amount to $4,000 a year and often much much more. That’s about $300 a month that could be allocated towards advertising or other revenue producing functions.

For years, Cabrella has been arranging discounted package insurance to businesses shipping packages through the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL Global and most other major regional & international transportation providers. The packages are shipped with the carrier; the insurance is handled by a tenured and trusted insurance brokerage; you save as much as 90% on insurance expenses.

Best part is that all of this is accomplished with virtually no change to the logistics process, meaning full automation and zero downtime, all the while saving thousands of dollars annually. Besides savings and undue overhead, by integrating with Cabrella, you have the added benefits of quicker claims process and expansive insurance wording offering more flexibility including higher limits, more countries & all types of commodities, risk management & notification tools, full transparency and more.




  • Meslee/JSIS – Dealing with an experienced insurance brokerage with over 25 years of experience should not be overlooked. Read more about our history by clicking here
  • Risk management – Think of us as a resource. Our history and extensive reach enables us to provide advice, manage risk and implement solutions not easily found.
  • Claims: As an insurance brokerage, we can settle and pay claims faster than anyone else.
  • Comprehensive Wording: Our insurance policy wording is amongst the most expansive in the industry.



  • Higher limits: Higher limits available including coverage for up to $150,000 per package for some shippers.
  • More Services: Coverage for various services including but not limited to Overnight, 2nd Day, Ground, 1st Class Mail and more.
  • Less International Restrictions: Ability to send packages to almost any country.
  • Customized Solutions: Do you not use signature confirmation for some packages? Do you need higher limits? We can negotiate custom solutions for any customer.
  • Any Commodity: Jewelry, Coins, bullion or Art? No problem. Electronics and household goods? No Problem. With so few exclusions, you can practically insure any shipment going anywhere.
  • Multitude of Carriers: Ship with our pre-approved major shippers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Major Air Cargo Airlines, local LTL Carriers and more. If your carrier is not on the list, you can submit it for approval.
  • Save Time: Our proprietary software creates full integration with major shipping systems including FedEx Ship Manager, UPS WorldShip, Endicia, Pitney Bose Systems, Amazon & Ebay fulfillment programs such as Magenta & Shipwire and more. Further, because our program was built with flexibility in mind, we can design integration to almost any shipping system
  • Generate new Revenue Stream: For certain types of operations, our technology allows to transform savings into a new and profitable revenue stream for businesses.
  • Get Smart: Our software will help track packages, notify you of carrier exceptions and file claims online in a matter of minutes. Best of all, we offer invaluable statistics and data that gives you knowledge and power that you did not have before.



  • Cabrella Insurance rates typically save between 25% to 80% on shipping insurance costs.
  • An average business shipping 5 domestic packages per day with average value of $250.00 can save more than $200 per month using our program.
  • Carriers will often include hefty minimums per package which increase costs. With Cabrella, most accounts qualify for these minimum charges to be waived.