Officially established in 2014, Cabrella represents more than a decade of service committed to our client’s unique request for comprehensive shipping insurance options.

Our licensed insurance professionals understand the variety of options the shipping industry has to offer. High value. Cargo. Delicate materials. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies we put our extensive knowledge of shipping insurance and risk management to work for our clients.

The Cabrella program offers third-party insurance solutions to businesses and individuals at a fraction of the rate. We navigate and design custom solutions to help businesses save and prosper.

We offer insurance on commodities that are not covered under other policies. We offer higher limits for a variety of carriers and services. We offer less country restrictions. This allows businesses to adjust existing logistical structures to facilitate growth and maximize profit potential.

We have time-tested relationships with various shipping companies covering multiple modes of transport. This allows Cabrella to go one step beyond the competition in ensuring efficiency and exposure to shipping avenues previously unexplored.

However, the biggest impact the Cabrella program offers to the shipping insurance industry is our proprietary software. Our flexible interface and technology allow for complete integration resulting in savings without turbulence or impediment to the logistics process. By utilizing Cabrella’s software, businesses can translate real efficiency into direct profit retention.

Transit Carriers ship a package from (a) to (b). Cabrella manages risk for everything in between.

*Cabrella is a subsidiary of Meslee Insurance Services, Inc.


Meslee Insurance Services

Meslee Insurance Services Inc. is a full service agency located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. For decades, our office has accommodated thousands of businesses and individuals across the West Coast with all of their insurance needs. Any insurance agency can sell you an insurance policy; but we are not just any agency. At Meslee, not only do we work with you to find comprehensive policies that complement and satisfy your particular needs, but we also extend our services to advise clientele on risk management and financial consultation.

While we began by specializing in construction and builders risk policies, our agency supplies affordable insurance options for all types of risks, A-Z. Whether you are an individual seeking a simple automobile policy or a large corporation exposed to unique and unusual risks, no situation has proved to be too big or small. Our staff consists of licensed and experienced industry professionals. Our knowledge and understanding of the insurance industry enables us to find policies that meet your specific needs. We take pride in doing our best to ensure that you are aware of the limits of your policy and accept no gaps in coverage on the policies we provide. Offering prompt service and reliability, Meslee Insurance  exhibits a professionalism  that has led to a rapid growth and an impeccable reputation since its inception.

We guarantee to always put your needs and interests first and maintain the level of professionalism, integrity and dependability that you should seek from your insurance professionalagent. Last year over 1,000 families and businesses trusted us with their insurance needs. Give us a call to find out why. You can  find out more information by visiting the Meslee website at www.meslee.com or by emailing us at info@meslee.com.


Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services

In 1995, as a direct response to growing customer needs, Dr. Meskin founded Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services (a sub division of Meslee Insurance Inc.) which operates as a commercial insurance brokerage catering to the Fine Art and Jewelry Industries. J.S.I.S. offers comprehensive commercial policies for high values commodities to the likes of jewelers, dealers, auctioneers, art galleries, pawnbrokers, check cashing establishments, museums, armored car companies and more. Furthermore, J.S.I.S. offers Exhibition Insurance, Shipping Insurance (Land, Air, Rail and Sea) as well as Prize Insurance policies. Lastly, it serves individuals with a facility that insures personal collectibles such as stamp or coin collections, sports memorabilia, fine art, jewelry and gold bullion. You can find out more information by visiting the JSIS website at www.jsis-ins.com or by emailing us at info@jsis-ins.com.


Aquaculture Insurance Exchange

In 2010, after noticing a serious lack of insurance options in the sector, Dr. Meskin created a second sub-division devoted to providing insurance to North American Aquaculture ventures. Aquaculture Insurance Exchange (A.I.E.) provides stock mortality policies and risk management solutions to producers and growers of seafood products throughout North America. Policies are written on either named peril or an all risk basis for onshore and offshore farms and can insure virtually any specie against risks such as disease, predation and natural disasters.

You can find more information by visiting the A.I.E. website at www.aquaculture-ins.com or emailing us at info@aquaculture-ins.com .